Hammer - Light Range

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon Light Range

Montabert SC-Series hydraulic breakers are designed for use on skid-steer loaders, backhoe loaders, and mini and mid-size excavators. The SC-Series provides the versatility and productivity to accomplish multiple tasks with a single carrier, a single operator, and a single attachment.

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon Light-Range Benefits

• Maintenance and overhaul are quick and easy because of fewer wear parts and no tie rods; bushing, pins, and tools can easily be replaced in the field without removing the breaker from the carrier (excluding SC-50).
• Fully enclosed, soundproof cradle reduces vibrations transferred to the carrier and limits noise on the worksite.
• Lightweight. heavy-duty housing protects working parts and hoses.
• A multi-tool is included to easily service the breaker and check wear limits (excluding SC-50).
• Tolerate high back pressures to allow fit-up to a wide range of carriers.
• Energy chamber acts as hydraulic shock absorber and ces pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to e consistent energy to the breaker.

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon SC-22, SC-28, SC-36, & SC-42

• Intentionally mounted retaining pin clip makes tool change even easier, with no special tools required SC-50.
• Two strong retaining pins and locks keep tool and bushing in place.
• Optional air pressurization kit for underwater applications.
• Optional Autolube greasing system.

A – Upper and lower suspensions reduce vibrations transferred to the carrier, extending boom life.
B – Fully hydraulic breaker operation with an enclosed energy chamber provides maximum energy with every blow.
C – Automatic pressure regulator ensures set operating pressure with no loss of power.
D – Blank-fire protection reduces metal-to-metal contact that can damage the breaker piston.
E – Large tool diameter with dust-protection lip shields the breaker bushing from debris (SC-8 through SC-28).
F – Internally mounted retaining pin clip makes tool change out even easier with no special tools required (excluding SC-50).
G – SC-50 features two retaining pins to keep the bushing and tool in place.