Heavy Metal Rental Accessories


  •  On- site service for light range hammers.
  •  Pick-up and delivery at your jobsite & in the interim, we will furnish you with another hammer at a reduced rental rate.
  •  In “our” house service – prompt two business day turnaround.
  •  We can ship your hammer to the manufacturer for rebuilding with a five business day turnaround along with a warranty.

Heavy Metal Rental - Kit 2

Heavy Metal Rental - Kit 1

Heavy Metal Rental - Kit 3

Kit Level I

  • Shank Thrust
  • Upper Bushing
  • Lower Bushing
  • Tool Retainers
  • Diaphragm, Ring & Screw
  • Seal Kit
  • Lower Suspension

Kit Level II

  •  All of Kit Level I plus:
  • Accumulator Screws
  •  Tie Rods and Nuts
  • Tool Retainer Locking System
  • Hard Upper Suspension & Disk (excl. V46/V56)