Hammer - Medium Range

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon Heavy Range

Montabert hydraulic breakers are designed for use on large excavators in a variety of applications including demolition, quarrying, and excavating. Maximize productivity with variable speed technology that automatically adjusts to material hardness as it is processed.

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon Heavy-Range Benefits

• Automatic variable speed technology senses changes in material hardness and adjusts impact energy and striking rate, maximizing productivity while reducing harmful energy transferred back to the carrier
• Energy chamber acts as hydraulic shock absorber and reduces pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to provide consistent energy to the breaker
• Progressive start system prevents slipping by creating a small recess in the material before full power is applied (excluding V1800, V2500, V4500) – Blank-fire protection system reduces metal-to-metal contact that can damage the breaker
• Automatic lubrication system assures the breaker is constantly lubricated for optimal functionality
• Optional air pressurization kit for underwater applications • Silenced, fully enclosed super heavy-duty cradle is standard to minimize ambient noise and protect working parts from dust and debris.

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon V1800, V2500, V3500 & V4500

• The design makes maintenance simple and low-cost while also increasing productivity.
• Patented two-speed automatic regulation with unique detection system for the first stroke. High energy per blow on hard ground or high frequency on softer ground.
• Patented one-piece bushing is easily replaceable without removing the tie rods or the breaker from the carrier (excluding V4500).
• Acceptable back pressure of up to 435 psi, increasing carrier versatility.

A – Hose protector and swivel connections shield hoses from debris and allow them to rotate freely and Increase hose life.
B – Upper and lower suspension reduces vibration transferred to the carrier, extending boom life.
C – Fully hydraulic breaker operation with an enclosed energy chamber provides maximum energy with every blow.
D – Automatic pressure regulator maintains the set operating pressure to provide constant energy and repetitive performance.
E – Energy recovery system recycles recoil energy and adds it to the next blow.
F – Fully enclosed breaker protects breaker from large debris, dust and physical impact damage and reduces workslte noise.
G – One-piece bushing (V1800 & V2500 only).