Hammer - Medium Range

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon Medium Range

Montabert hydraulic breakers are designed for use on large backhoe loaders and medium-size excavators. With superior power-to-weight ratios, these breakers effectively excavate, break oversize boulders, and demolish concrete up to six feet thick.

Heavy Metal Rentals - Favicon Medium-Pange Benefits

• Progressive start system prevents tool drift by creating a small recess in the material before full power is applied
• Automatic lubrication system option (standard on 900 model) greases tool and front end of breaker for extended life
• Auto-stop blank-fire and protection system reduces metal-to-metal contact that can damage the breaker piston
• Energy chamber acts as a hydraulic shock absorber and reduces pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to provide consistent energy to the breaker
• Optional air pressurization kit for underwater applications

A – Upper and lower suspension reduces vibration transferred to the carrier, extending boom life.
B – Fully hydraulic breaker operation with an enclosed energy chamber provides maximum energy with every blow.
C – Automatic pressure regulator maintains the set operating pressure to provide constant energy and repetitive performance.
D – Energy recovery system recycles recoil energy and adds it to the next blow.
E – Hose protector and swivel connections shield hoses from debris and allow them to rotate freely and increase hose life.
F – Auto-stop increases blank-fire protection by allowing oil to flow through the breaker when the tool is not against material.
G – Fully enclosed breaker protects breaker from large debris and physical impact damage and reduces worksite noise